Driving Evaluations

Driving evaluations are an instrumental way to help determine if someone is safe to continue driving, whether it be for physical, visual, or cognitive reasons.  The evaluation lasts for three hours and is split up into three different sections.  The first hour is in the clinic with an occupational therapist.  The therapist evaluates range of motion, strength, reaction time, vision, memory, attention, sensation, street signs, and situational driving questions.  The next hour and a half is out on the road, where the driving instructor evaluates handling of the car and ability to safely drive.  The evaluation concludes with a sit down meeting to go over the results and recommendations that will be made to the doctor.  Individuals may pass, fail, or require further training sessions to practice their skills or with equipment if needed.   For more information please call Alexian Rehabilitation Hospital at 847-640-3119.  To see a list of area locations that administer the evaluation, click here.

What do you need to participate?: a current driver’s license and doctor’s order

How long does the evaluation last?: 3 hours

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