Chicago Snow Corp

Chicago Snow Corps is a new program that connects volunteers with residents in need of snow removal, such as seniors and people with disabilities.  Chicago Snow Corps aims to help minimize potential heavy-snow emergencies by matching volunteers with blocks where the neediest citizens have requested help.

 How do I request a volunteer?

Call 311. We will try out best to make volunteers available to you, but the services available depend on the number of volunteers in your area. Volunteer matching takes place Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Volunteers will not clear alleys, personal parking spaces, back porches, or any alternate entrances. Do not let the volunteer into your home. Do not offer payment for the shoveling services.

 Who should call 311?

Recipients of assistance must be age 60 or older and/or have a physical disability. They must also live within Chicago City limits and lack access to the available resources (financial resources or local family/friends) to assist with snow removal.

 When do I call 311?

Call 311 if you are unable to get out of your home after a snowfall. Only call 311 if the snow is significant and you do not have friends or family who can help you.


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