Am I old enough for an Elder Law attorney?

We often get asked this question by potential new clients when calling to make an appointment for a consultation.   The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc., (NAELA) states its goal is to establish “NAELA members as the premier providers of legal advocacy, guidance and services to enhance the lives of people with special needs and people as they age.”

Many attorneys who practice in the broad field of elder law are dedicated to planning for the needs of older adults; however, Elder Law is not simply limited to issues affecting those in their later years of life.  In addition to advising as to wills, trusts and simple estate planning, so much of elder law is concerned with disability law and planning for special needs.  Medicaid planning, guardianship, powers of attorney, living wills, and special needs planning are all essential issues to consider when developing an effective estate plan.

For example, a younger client who has a child with special needs may seek advice about the provision of a special needs trust to ensure that child’s needs are met upon the parent’s death.  Older couples who contemplate the need for nursing home care may consult an elder law attorney for Medicaid planning and asset protection.  An adult child may seek an elder law attorney to represent them in petitioning for the appointment of a guardian for a parent or family member who requires assistance with finances or health care decisions and has not designated an agent under power of attorney.

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